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Your webmaster spent a fantastic couple of days at the Silverstone Classic. Many of you will have no doubt been, but for anyone who hasn't I can't recommend it highly enough. To say the show is big would be a huge understatement. I have tried to do it justice in this page, scroll down for several diferent sections. Over 260 Jaguars were present on Saturday, a mixture of clubs represented including JDC, JEC and XKEC. We were positioned on the banking on Copse Corner with a great view of the circuit. Amongst the many off-track experiences were several F-types being somewhat abused and a free funfair.

Another great feature is the all-areas access, including all the pits. I malke no apology for concentrating on the Jaguars (we are a Jaguar club after all) but the pits were also busy with many other cars being prepared for racing from single-seat sports to A35's and a display by Williams F1 team. Gearbox fettling seemed to be the order of the day. The mechanic seemed very confident he knew which bit went where!. Much simpler mechanicals on the Fraser Nash with 4 speeds being driven by 4 different chain drives!

One of my favourites are the Group C sports cars, in particular the Silk Cut Jaguars. I just love all the pipework on the V12 exhaust system. The cockpit layout is surprisingly sparse. Finally a couple of shots of the car being used as intended, at high speed on the track.

2017 is the 25th anniversary of the XJ220 with not only the original prototype being on display but a further 33 privately owned. Not bad when you consider only 275 were ever made, many going abroad, and the cost of £470,000 each! When tested in Texas a production model was measureded at 213 mph. Not content with this Jaguar took the car to Italy, upped the rev-limiter to 7900 and removed the catalytic convertors. The fastest run achieved 217 mph. Also on show were representatives of the Le Mans works teams from 1993 and 1995. Finally a track parade which included all except the prototype.

As if this wasn't enough did I mention the 20 plus races, including pre-war sports cars, pre '61 sports cars, historic and pre '66 Formula 1 cars, Group C cars, the amazing A35's and of course the Jaguar Classic Challenge. As I think I mentioned earlier, a fantastic show.
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